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The Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse

To deliver next-generation data analytics, Ocient completely reimagined data warehouse design to deliver real-time analysis of complex, hyperscale datasets.

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Ocient is uniquely designed for maximum performance and flexibility with always-on analytics, maximizing your hardware, cloud, or data warehouse as a service spend. You get predictable, lower costs (and absolutely zero headaches).

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Customer Solutions and Workload Services

Ocient offers the only solutions development approach that enables customers to try a production-ready solution tailored to their business requirements before investing capital and resources.

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Management Services

Tap into the deep experience of the Ocient Management Services team to set up, manage, and monitor your Ocient solution.

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About Ocient

In 2016 our team of industry veterans began building a hyperscale data warehouse to tackle large, complex workloads.

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query optimization

Analyze trillions of records at hyperspeed with Ocient

The Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse leverages indexing and machine learning to maximize query return rates across service classes and concurrent users.

Optimize your queries in real-time

The Ocient Hyperscale SQL Optimizer™ leverages machine learning at scale to optimize the execution path for every query and return smarter results faster.

Improve Performance

By combining a rich set of runtime operators within novel stochastic optimization techniques, Ocient can generate execution plans for queries that would be impossible or would never be found by traditional database systems.

Increase Efficiency

Utilizing multi-dimensional probability density functions instead of histograms to calculate selectivity allows Ocient to create compute-cost models that accurately identify the most efficient plan for every query.

Slash query response times with secondary indexing and clustering keys

Ocient’s novel and complex query optimization techniques enable the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse to deliver query results in minutes or seconds instead of hours or days, illuminating new solutions to complex challenges at lightning-fast speeds. Here’s how:

  • Utilizing secondary indexes to locate and access data faster across more dimensions of analysis.
  • Storing data in segments that incorporate minimum and maximum time value, making the retrieval of data by time extremely efficient
  • Clustering data within the segment utilizing a clustering key defined by the user, which can be used to further isolate records or skip them when scanning data
  • Allowing for indexes on complex data types, like arrays and matrices to speed data processing and analysis
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See how secondary indexing drives highly performant query capabilities

Hear from Dylan Murphy, director of product management at Ocient, about our unique approach to querying at hyperscale:

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