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The Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse

To deliver next-generation data analytics, Ocient completely reimagined data warehouse design to deliver real-time analysis of complex, hyperscale datasets.

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Ocient is uniquely designed for maximum performance and flexibility with always-on analytics, maximizing your hardware, cloud, or data warehouse as a service spend. You get predictable, lower costs (and absolutely zero headaches).

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Customer Solutions and Workload Services

Ocient offers the only solutions development approach that enables customers to try a production-ready solution tailored to their business requirements before investing capital and resources.

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Management Services

Tap into the deep experience of the Ocient Management Services team to set up, manage, and monitor your Ocient solution.

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About Ocient

In 2016 our team of industry veterans began building a hyperscale data warehouse to tackle large, complex workloads.

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Operational IT
Financial Services

Discover how you can cost-effectively consolidate your network data when you book time with an Ocient expert.

See the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse in action across: 

  • Call Detail Record (CDR) and Internet Connection Record (ICR) Search and Analysis 
  • Network Monitoring and Planning
  • Corporate Observability
  • Network Security
  • …and much more.
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Watch how fast we query geospatial  data types at scale when you schedule a demo with an Ocient expert.

See the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse in action across: 

  • Predictive Maintenance for Connected Vehicles 
  • Trade Area Analysis 
  • ADAS Sensor Data Historical Analysis 
  • Fleet and Supply-chain Management 
  • Location Based Forensics and Threat Analysis 
  • Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling 
  • Weather Prediction Modeling 
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Visualize how to drive better insights and outcomes for your mission and civilian operations when you book time with an Ocient expert.

See the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse in action across: 

  • Geographic and textual analysis of Open Source Intelligence data, including correlation of:
    • GDELT Media Sources
    • NOAA Historical Weather Data
    • USDA Soil Data
    • ADS-B Aircraft and Air Traffic Control 
  • Operational IT Log Analysis 
  • Call Detail Record Search
  • Person of Interest Search 
  • IP Search 
  • Continuous Legal Search
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Discover how Ocient’s hyperscale data analytics solutions enable cost-effective and scalable results for the AdTech industry.

See the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse in action across: 

  • Interactive Campaign Forecasting & Troubleshooting
  • Bid Shading ML Models
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Real-time Campaign Performance
  • Frequency Capping Analyses
  • PMP Deal Analysis
  • Analytics over Petabytes of Bidder Logs
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See how you can modernize your IT infrastructure for your organization with an Ocient expert.

See the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse in action across: 

  • Application and Machine Generated Log Records
  • Resource Consumption Measurement
  • Customer Data enrichment Leveraging First, Second, and Third Party Sources
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis and Historical Trending
  • Locale-based Root Cause Analysis and Predictive Modeling
Ocient operational IT

Learn how intra-database Machine Learning can provide new opportunities for market insight.

See the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse in action across:
  • Real-time Ingest of Market Tick Data
  • Analytics on Market Change Data in Near Real Time
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What to Expect

Didn’t see your industry? No problem!

Our experts are excited to show you what’s next in hyperscale data analysis across various types of verticals, not just the ones listed above.

Ocient’s live product demo will illustrate how to:

  • Load data via various methods
  • Obtain immediate insight from freshly-loaded data
  • Leverage your geolocation data
  • Visualize your data on a number of platforms
  • Balance query tasks using our Workload Management capabilities…and more


Please fill out the form with your information. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible to book a convenient time to chat.

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