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The Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse

To deliver next-generation data analytics, Ocient completely reimagined data warehouse design to deliver real-time analysis of complex, hyperscale datasets.

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Ocient is uniquely designed for maximum performance and flexibility with always-on analytics, maximizing your hardware, cloud, or data warehouse as a service spend. You get predictable, lower costs (and absolutely zero headaches).

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Customer Solutions and Workload Services

Ocient offers the only solutions development approach that enables customers to try a production-ready solution tailored to their business requirements before investing capital and resources.

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Management Services

Tap into the deep experience of the Ocient Management Services team to set up, manage, and monitor your Ocient solution.

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About Ocient

In 2016 our team of industry veterans began building a hyperscale data warehouse to tackle large, complex workloads.

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Ingest and analyze full-resolution telco data at hyperscale

Tap into the full breadth of rich telecom datasets to generate new insights in near-real time and meet lawful disclosure requirements with ease

Accelerate Data-Driven Innovation in the Era of 5G

The massive volume of data created across the mobile landscape through next-gen 5G capabilities and the proliferation of other connected sources has created new data analytics opportunities for telecom industry providers to develop and roll out new capabilities powered by network, geospatial, and IoT data types in interactive time. The need to do so in a consolidated and cost-effective manner has never been greater.


Innovate Across Trillions of Customer Touchpoints

Ocient enables telecommunications providers to analyze network metadata, geospatial data, and data generated by sensors and IoT-enabled devices at volumes and speeds previously unattainable. With Ocient’s analytics solutions, telecommunications providers can unlock new customer opportunities and comply with federal regulations or guidelines at a fundamentally lower cost.

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Harness Complex Data Types

Harness multidimensional network, IoT, and geospatial data in interactive time

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Analyze 50x More Data

Manage network performance and streamline operations while analyzing up to 50x more data

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Get Immediate ROI

Launch new products and services while cutting costs by up to 80%

Ocient’s Next-Gen Analytics for the Telecom Industry

Call Detail Records
Network Monitoring & Planning
Network Security
Internet Connection Records
Corporate Observability
Call Detail Records (CDR)

CDR data can be streamed off the network at a rate of 2-3 million records per second, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Rapidly ingest hyperscale datasets, simultaneously preparing them for query
  • Store petabytes of historical data in a smaller footprint that’s both energy- and cost-efficient
  • Run highly complex queries against new and historical data
  • Meet lawful disclosure requirements on massive datasets
  • Pinpoint, troubleshoot, and mitigate network outages more efficiently
Network Monitoring & Planning

Today’s highly complex telecommunications networks can make network monitoring and planning activities exceedingly difficult

  • Ingest data from multiple sources, in various formats, at massive scale
  • Perform complex queries and other CPU-intensive operations on hyperscale datasets
  • Streamline operations with one platform for SQL OLAP, real-time analytics, and ELT/ETL
  • Speed up delivery and ROI with an end-to-end customer engagement model
Network Security

Stay ahead of bad actors by leveling up your network security capabilities

  • Bring together data from multiple sources and multiple formats at huge speed and scale
  • Obtain actionable insights in near-real time to identify and thwart malicious activity faster
  • Analyze, aggregate, and gather insights on millions of data points every second
  • Identify anomalous network behavior faster by tapping into Ocient’s in-database library of customizable ML models
Internet Connection Records (ICR)

Ocient helps telcos in the UK and beyond comply with strict guidelines around the retention and analysis of these massive datasets

  • Ingest, transform, and cleanse millions of ICR records per second, rapidly preparing them for query
  • Meet lawful disclosure requirements with ease
  • Store petabytes of ICR data using game-changing technology that optimizes space, energy, and cost efficiency
  • Identify unique flows on massive datasets using powerful SQL aggregation and window functions
  • Use geospatial data to limit query results to a specific location, and correlate them with time and event data


Corporate Observability

Modern telecommunications infrastructures can include hundreds of environments and workflows, making it difficult to obtain a comprehensive, corporation-wide view of operations

  • Simplify legacy data pipelines and replace layers of customer development
  • Analyze full-fidelity data for more accurate and actionable results
  • Enrich query results by incorporating space and time data with ease
  • Use in-database machine learning capabilities to uncover hidden patterns
  • Interact with common business intelligence tools via built-in connectors
Telco Use Case ebook
Ocient for Telco

Dive deeper into telco use cases

Download Ocient’s eBook to take a deep dive into five common telco use cases and find out how Ocient delivers previously infeasible performance and business value.

Jim Brisimitzis 5G OI Lab

“We selected Ocient because of its promising solutions to rapidly and cost-effectively accelerate data-driven innovation at hyperscale, which is critical for enterprises to generate real-time transformational value.”

Jim Brisimitzis, Founder and Managing Principal, 5G Open Innovation Lab

Generate new insights and meet lawful disclosure requirements with ease