Harness 5G Network, IoT, and Geospatial Data at Hyperscale

Be the telcom provider of the future with next-generation products and services enabled by hyperscale insights and telecom analytics delivered in seconds.

Accelerate Data-Driven Innovation in the Era of 5G

The massive volume of data created by mobile, 5G, and other “connected” sources has created new data analytics opportunities for telecom industry providers to develop and roll out new capabilities powered by network, geospatial, and IoT data types in interactive time. The need to do so in a consolidated and cost-effective manner has never been greater.

Innovate Across Trillions of Customer Touchpoints

Ocient enables telecommunications providers to analyze network metadata, geospatial data, and data generated by sensors and IoT-enabled devices at volumes and speeds previously unattainable. With Ocient’s telecom analytics solutions, telecommunications providers can unlock new customer opportunities and comply with federal regulations or guidelines at a fundamentally lower cost.

Harness Complex Data Types

Harness multidimensional, network, IoT, and geospatial data in interactive time

Analyze 10x More Data

Manage network performance and streamline operations while analyzing up to 10x more data

Get Immediate ROI

Launch new products and services while cutting costs by 50% or more

Ocient’s Next-Gen Analytics for the Telecom Industry

5G Network Visibility
Network Security & Lawful Intercept
Network Performance
5G Monetization
Operational IT
5G Network Visibility

Gain greater visibility into the growing number of 5G devices connected to your network with advanced telecom analytics

  • Netflow and subscriber awareness
  • Quality of experience improvement
  • Location-based analytics
  • App metadata
  • IoT & sensor data-driven analytics
Network Security & Lawful Intercept

Protect your network and users with faster insights on previously infeasible queries returning in seconds

  • Full-resolution behavioral analysis for cybersecurity
  • Lawful intercept network metadata analysis
  • Fraud detection over a longer look back window
  • Network traffic monitoring
  • Threat hunting & incident response
Network Performance

Get ahead of potential outages or hiccups at higher resolutions and plan for high-bandwidth events and impact

  • Network Planning and optimization
  • Network bandwidth pattern predictions
  • Impact Modeling for streaming devices and products
  • Correlated KPIs for new devices (4G to 5G)
5G Monetization

Enhance existing features and launch new competitive services enabled by the growing wave of 5G-enabled data

  • Audience building and subscriber-based marketing
  • 5G network-as-a-service
  • Advanced telecom analytics solutions yielding multidimensional behavioral insights
  • Content, feature, and service improvements


Operational IT

Upgrade your operational IT stack and future proof your workloads on the most price-performant hardware fueling hyperscale analytics for the telecom industry

  • Operational capacity management
  • Workload consolidation and cost reduction
  • Operational telecom analytics-as-a-service
  • Minimal on-premises footprint
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Jim Brisimitzis 5G OI Lab

“We selected Ocient because of its promising solutions to rapidly and cost-effectively accelerate data-driven innovation at hyperscale, which is critical for enterprises to generate real-time transformational value.”

Jim Brisimitzis, Founder and Managing Principal, 5G Open Innovation Lab

Accelerate 5G Innovation.