Engineered from the Ground Up for Hyperscale Data Analysis

The Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse transforms and loads data in seconds, enables organizations to store and analyze more data, and executes queries on hyperscale datasets up to 50x faster.


To deliver next-generation data analytics, Ocient completely reimagined its data warehouse design to deliver rapid, continuous analysis of complex, hyperscale datasets. The Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse brings storage adjacent to compute to maximize performance on industry-standard hardware, enables users to transform, stream or load data directly, and returns previously infeasible queries in seconds.

The New Standard for the World’s Most Challenging Datasets

Optimized for industry standard hardware, Ocient has benchmarked query performance levels up to 50x better than competing products. The Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse empowers next-generation data analytics solutions in key areas where existing solutions fall short.


Transforms and loads data at terabits per second and runs queries up to 50x faster than the best alternatives


Scales linearly to handle petabytes of data without sacrificing performance

Optimized Ingest

Delivers low-latency transformation, streaming, and file loading with optimized indexing to rapidly move your data from its source into Ocient at hyperscale

Low Cost of Ownership

Incorporates ETL out of the box, maximizes I/O from the most performant industry standard hardware, and decreases the storage footprint by up to 80%


Offers industry standard query and analytics interfaces, including SQL, JDBC, ODBC


Handles complex analytical functions and dynamic schema changes with ease through innovative data warehouse design

Tackle Previously Impossible Workloads with Ocient

Ocient provides a hyperscale ETL service out-the-box, transforming data during stream or file loading and delivering low latency time to query. Data is indexed within seconds and made available for query through a SQL interface and with open connections to leverage visualization tools.

Next-Generation Data Analytics

Current Big Data technologies are built for organizations with datasets measured in terabytes. Ocient was purposefully designed to handle much larger datasets. By ingressing billions of rows per second and filtering and computing aggregate results at rates up to trillions of rows per second, the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse empowers organizations to get immediate insights from their exponentially growing datasets.

Database Storage Image
Compute-Adjacent Storage

Optimized for NVMe solid state drives to maximize throughput and I/O and execute trillions of randomly read bytes per second

Transformation, Streaming, and Loading

Horizontally scalable, parallelized ingest accelerates the loading process without impacting query performance and makes complex data types available for query within seconds

Optimized Queries

Multiple optimization methods designed for scaling high-performance queries of massive tables, joins, and functions to empower next-generation data analytics

Structured and Semi-Structured Data Types

Optimized to handle structured and semi-structured data, including multidimensional and geospatial data types

Efficient Disk Usage

Leverages Zero Copy Reliability™ to deliver enterprise-grade availability and reliability while reducing the storage footprint by up to 80% and requiring fewer drives, less rack space, and less cooling to lower costs

Accelerate time to value and unlock new possibilities

Launch new products and services powered by complex, hyperscale datasets

Get an end-to-end solution built by the Ocient experts

Enable more users across the business while enhancing security and compliance

Reduce data engineering bottlenecks by leveraging Ocient’s team to design your next-generation data analytics solution

Enjoy transparent pricing and avoid hidden fees as your data needs grow

Deploy flexibly as a fully managed service in the cloud, on-prem, or in OcientCloud™

Ocient's Hyperscale Data Warehouse

Download Enterprise Strategy Group's Technical Review of the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse

Read ESG’s take on Ocient’s breakthrough Compute Adjacent Storage Architecture and the OHDW’s performance against two other DWaaS providers where Ocient delivered 10x or more performance on standard SQL operations.

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