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In 2016 our team of industry veterans began building a hyperscale data warehouse to tackle large, complex workloads.

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Published March 11, 2024

Ocient Announces $49.4 Million Raise

In an industry focused on going fast, Ocient CEO Chris Gladwin takes a moment to reflect on the time it takes to build a great, lasting company

Chris GladwinBy Chris Gladwin, CEO at Ocient

In the competitive industry of data analytics, there is always a need for speed. Our customers demand reliable, real-time insights that drive decision-making and growth for their businesses every day. Data solutions are often built under tight deadlines to streamline tools and save costs across rapidly changing industries such as telecommunications, AdTech, the public sector, and financial services. As we’ve seen over the past year, breakthrough innovation waits for no one one, as AI and cloud native projects disrupt how data is being analyzed in ways that 20 years ago might have been unimaginable.

I’ve built my career on founding disruptive technology startups and, in a world focused on being fast, I’ve learned to appreciate that building great companies and transformational technologies takes time. That’s why I’m so proud that our team at Ocient is announcing a $49.4 million raise of funding to supercharge our work delivering outstanding price performance for always-on, compute-intensive data analytics.

Ocient has now raised a total of $119 million and you can learn more about this exciting milestone by watching the video below.

We started building Ocient with an inkling in 2016 that NVMe storage units would transform the modern data stack – a revolutionary development in hardware that would lead to innovation and previously infeasible capabilities in software. Simply put, we love NVMes.

Our research and initial development took us to 2022 when we emerged from stealth mode, announcing our flagship product, the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse™, focused on boosting performance for growing data analytics workloads while drastically lowering the cost and system footprint required to do so. Since then, as reporter and analyst Chris Mellor at Blocks and Files, said, “Ocient has a six-year lead time over any competitor and technology that spans the whole SQL database stack, right down to server memory allocation.” What started in Chicago, has gone global as Ocient was named in Forrester Research’s Data Warehouse Landscape Report in January 2023, and we’re honored to be named a “Fast Mover” and a “Challenger” in the data warehousing market by the industry analyst firm, GigaOm, which is only further validation of the disruption and innovation we’re bringing to market for our customers.

Today, Ocient is re-shaping how customers harness their data, working globally to deliver previously infeasible performance and cost efficiencies in the cloud and on premises. We’ve designed the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse from the ground up to deliver always-on insights and compute-intensive data processing with SQL data warehousing and real-time analytics capabilities alongside geospatial data analytics, machine learning, and ELT capabilities natively supported within a single solution.

While we’re thrilled to see adoption of Ocient’s technology across a growing base of customers around the world, the work is far from over and I’m so grateful for our investors, team and most importantly customers as we take our hyperscale first mindset to the next level and continue our ambitious mission to redefine what’s feasible with data analysis.

While we’re building as fast as we can, I’m taking a moment today to reflect on the deliberate progress we’ve made and continue to bring to market.

Onward at Ocient. If you’d like to learn more about our values, company culture or keep an eye on job openings, go here.