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In 2016 our team of industry veterans began building a hyperscale data warehouse to tackle large, complex workloads.

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Published March 21, 2023

Ocient Adds New Board Member; Grows Adtech Customer Base

Ocient’s ability to drive workload consolidation, the elimination of disparate ETL environments, and intra-database machine learning within a single, unified platform enables adtech customers to test and build new data-powered applications and drive rapid ROI

CHICAGO — March 21, 2023 — Ocient, the leading hyperscale data analytics solutions company serving organizations that derive value from analyzing massive data sets in interactive time, today announced a series of achievements marking its momentum in the advertising technology (adtech) industry.

Ocient doubled its customer base and expanded product capabilities for adtech customers.

Ocient is working with leading adtech providers such as MediaMath and Basis Technologies, to drive more efficient and effective data-powered applications to meet the needs of advertisers and content suppliers in an industry that continues to grow its digital footprint and audience touchpoints.

Over the last fiscal year, Ocient doubled its customer base in the advertising technology space and is now enabling demand side, supply side, ad platforms, and data-as-a-service providers to cut costs while scaling data integration, consolidating disparate analytics environments and achieving immediate ROI.

To meet growing demand for better insights and analytics at scale, Ocient expanded its capabilities for adtech customers growing from its initial campaign forecasting solution into bid shading, bid price optimization, bid quality optimization, troubleshooting, audience segmentation, price basket analysis, and more. In addition, Ocient leverages its hyperscale stream loading and transformation capabilities to cost-effectively pre-aggregate bidder log and impression data across many dimensions powering continuous delivery of rapid insights for campaign analytics and attribution.

The expansion of Ocient’s in-database machine learning and geospatial analytics capabilities in its version 21 product release is also providing new opportunities for adtech customers to harvest more insights from more sources and from larger historical volumes of data.

“Advertising technology providers are driven by efficiency and that’s why we’re seeing so much traction in this industry. The ability to harvest ad exchange data faster, deliver greater customer ROI, and accelerate the launch of new products and services powered by more data is opening new revenue opportunities for our customers while streamlining the operational burden and complexity for driving bottom-line growth,” said Ocient CEO Chris Gladwin.

Anudit Vikram joins Ocient’s Sales and Marketing Advisory Board.

Ocient’s growing Sales and Marketing Advisory Board with adtech industry veterans also demonstrates the company’s traction and commitment to further disruption in the space.

To further address the adtech market, Ocient added adtech industry veteran Anudit Vikram, Digital Business Unit General Manager and Chief Product Officer at Intentsify, to its Sales and Marketing Advisory Board. Vikram’s extensive industry experience spans prior roles at MediaMath, Dun & Bradstreet, Yahoo!, and Merkle. Vikram joins Ocient’s current adtech industry advisors Tim Mahlman, Rob Gatto, and Wilfried Schobeiri on the board.

“I’ve seen Ocient’s technology and team in action firsthand. Ocient’s ability to drive new revenue opportunities for customers, tailor solutions to each customer’s business requirements, understand the nuances of adtech as an industry, and deliver immediate ROI is truly unmatched among data solutions providers. I’m thrilled to join Ocient’s Sales and Marketing Advisory Board to assist with further growth and disruption in adtech,” said Vikram.

Why adtech customers are choosing Ocient

Ocient delivers real-time analytics for petabyte-scale data sets at a lower cost and accelerated time to market for adtech customers including demand side, supply side, connected TV (CTV) ad platforms, and data providers.

Ocient’s unified approach to data streaming, analytics and machine learning delivered via a single platform solution enables demand side, supply side and CTV providers to:

  • Streamline their big data pipelines and eliminate costly extract, transform and load (ETL) tools, including Spark and Informatica, that otherwise increase latency and cost while driving operational inefficiencies
  • Support multidimensional data analysis, including nested arrays and cubes with more than 80 dimensions and hundreds of billions of rows
  • Power multiple data-driven applications with integrated workload management from a single, secure platform
  • Pre-aggregate hyperscale bidder log and impression data continuously to deliver high-concurrency, rapid campaign analytics to advertisers and publishers
  • Harvest real-time and historical data to develop more effective data science models

Ocient’s scalable data loading and analytical engine enables customers to consolidate multiple workloads into a single solution while reducing the cost of data engineering for new and existing products and applications. The company also enables flexible deployment in OcientCloud, Google Cloud, AWS, and on premises with Management Services options for customers who prefer to leverage Ocient’s hyperscale data management and engineering expertise to monitor and manage the return rates and service level objectives for their high-performance workloads.

Key Ocient features that enable adtech customers to harvest more multi-channel advertising opportunities from their data include:

  • Streaming and file ingest of high-velocity bidder, impressions and attribution data coming in semi-structured format (e.g., JSON)
  • Near-term cost and complexity savings through complete ETL replacements including the retiring of complex star schema processes with Ocient’s built-in extract, transform, load and transform (ETLT) solution
  • Advanced multi-dimensional data support for audience and contextual data handling, and HyperLogLog (HLL) sketches
  • Compute Adjacent Storage Architecture (CASA) with indexing and I/O pushdown
  • Workload management to consolidate repositories and maintain performance across high priority workloads
  • Deployment flexibility in OcientCloud, Google Cloud, AWS, and on premises
  • Customer Solutions and Workload Services offerings to prove the value of a new solution prior to purchase and decrease the operational overhead associated with engineering new data-powered products and services
  • Ocient Management Services to support always-on solutions monitoring and management

For more information about Ocient’s adtech solutions, visit

About Ocient

Ocient is the leading hyperscale data analytics solutions company that enables organizations to unlock value by analyzing trillions of data records at performance levels and costs previously unattainable. Leading organizations around the world trust Ocient’s team of industry experts to design and deploy proven complex solutions that enable and fast-track new revenue opportunities, streamline operations, and improve security on five to 10 times more data while reducing their storage footprint by up to 80%. Ocient’s pilot-to-production solutions are rapidly deployed on-prem, in the OcientCloud or in the public cloud, with little to no resource-intensive integration. Ocient is a carbon-neutral company, headquartered in Chicago, and backed by leading investors including Greycroft, OCA Ventures and In-Q-Tel. For more information, please visit