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The Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse

To deliver next-generation data analytics, Ocient completely reimagined data warehouse design to deliver real-time analysis of complex, hyperscale datasets.

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Ocient is uniquely designed for maximum performance and flexibility with always-on analytics, maximizing your hardware, cloud, or data warehouse as a service spend. You get predictable, lower costs (and absolutely zero headaches).

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Customer Solutions and Workload Services

Ocient offers the only solutions development approach that enables customers to try a production-ready solution tailored to their business requirements before investing capital and resources.

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Management Services

Tap into the deep experience of the Ocient Management Services team to set up, manage, and monitor your Ocient solution.

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About Ocient

In 2016 our team of industry veterans began building a hyperscale data warehouse to tackle large, complex workloads.

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Case Study

DSP Chooses Ocient for Next Generation Campaign Forecasting


After more than a decade in the industry, a leading AdTech company needed to innovate quickly in the campaign forecasting space. With thousands of advertisers relying on their demand-side platform (DSP) to solve complex marketing problems, they were already helping their clients deepen customer relationships across screens and around the world. But their advertising clients wanted to leverage more granular campaign insights to forecast more accurately for future campaigns and reduce wasted or poorly targeted impressions.

The company’s DSP processed six million bid opportunities per second, generating up to 12 petabytes of new records each day. Performing a forecast query required them to evaluate more than 7 trillion data points. In the past, the industry standard was to deliver estimates of potential campaign reach, impressions, and spend by using smaller samples of data derived from data rollups. While customers could easily see approximate results, general trends, and big-picture analysis, they were missing those needle-in-a-haystack insights into their advertising campaigns that are so essential for maintaining a competitive edge.

Replacing costly Spark and Hadoop jobs

The company needed the right tools to create a solution that could analyze billions of records in seconds. Their existing implementation of Spark and Hadoop simply couldn’t scale to handle the amount of data they were looking to extract, transform, and load. Scaling these legacy solutions would not only be prohibitively expensive but would also cause data pipeline problems, all without providing the ability to run the full slate of complex queries required for high-resolution campaign insights. And with the explosion of data volumes across platforms, the AdTech firm knew they would need a solution that could handle their data needs now and into the future.

They found what they needed with Ocient. Ocient’s technology delivered low latency analytics and continuous loading and transformation of raw, semi-structured bidder log data. And with Zero Copy Reliabilityleveraging parity coding for enhanced data availability, the company could reduce their storage footprint by more than 50 percent.

Ocient had the right technology, but the AdTech firm needed more than just a data warehouse and analytics platform. They needed an end-to-end production grade campaign forecasting solution. Ocient’s team of industry veterans fulfilled this need by building and testing the entire custom solution.

Building faster and smarter with Ocient’s hyperscale data solutions experts

Ocient worked closely with the company to design, test, and implement the end-to-end campaign forecasting solution. Ocient replaced a legacy combination of disparate solutions, including Spark and Hadoop processing jobs and ETL steps with a unified platform that streams and transforms data at ingest.

Ocient’s solution delivered enhanced efficiency by creating three service classes for users within the analytics platform. Managing workloads in this manner allowed for seamless resource sharing between mission-critical tasks, medium priority background jobs, and ad-hoc queries. Three workload service classes ensure that storage and data usage are optimized based on exactly how the AdTech firm needs to use each piece of data.

Delivering seamless implementation and hosting in OcientCloud™

In a matter of months, the Ocient solutions architects and database engineering team delivered a production-ready solution with minimal operational effort from the DSP provider. In fact, the firm estimates that Ocient’s help reduced the need for internal resources by 80%. And, because the Ocient solution doesn’t require complex tuning or index management, the company won’t need to invest in additional headcount to maintain their solution. It just works.

Best of all, the entire solution is managed and deployed in the OcientCloud™, a fully-hosted, cost-effective solution that meets data protection and privacy requirements including GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2.

Operating in OcientCloud significantly lowered the new forecasting solution’s total cost of ownership. With a revolutionary Compute Adjacent Storage Architecture™ (CASA) designed to maximize compute at the IO layer on NVMe SSDs, and Zero Copy Reliability™, which delivers reliability and availability without replication, Ocient reduced the storage footprint by more than 50 percent.


Whether you’re in AdTech or another industry, Ocient prides itself on partnering closely with customers to tackle their toughest hyperscale data challenges. Contact for more information or contact us via the website.