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Published July 25, 2022

The Time is Now: Why Ocient is Your Netezza Replacement

Considering a Netezza replacement as IBM switches to a cloud-based environment? Ocient’s hyperscale data analytics solutions are the answer.

The IBM logo on a black device

By Ocient Staff

Today’s businesses need to be able to store, process, and analyze astounding quantities of data to gain valuable insights and make intelligent business decisions. Some may turn to solutions like IBM’s Netezza for their data management needs. However, today’s Netezza users need to know that IBM will be retiring Netezza and IBM PureData analytics appliances in 2023.

Are you wondering where this leaves your business and whether or not you may need to pursue a Netezza replacement moving forward? This guide will address this recent development, its impact, and how you can navigate these changes to the Netezza database before it’s retired.

What Does This Mean for My Business?

While IBM has announced the end-of-support for Netezza and IBM PureData analytics appliances by 2023, that doesn’t mean that Netezza is going away completely. Rather, IBM will be continuing its Netezza solution in a cloud-based environment. Of course, this poses a problem for some businesses, since migration will be required to move to the new cloud-based Netezza solution. As most businesses know (at least those who have attempted to migrate large quantities of data from one platform to another in the past), the migration process is quite extensive.

This can leave some businesses wondering: What does a migration look like? And, if migration is a necessity for your environment and workloads, are there more appealing features and functions in an alternate available technology that would serve as a viable Netezza replacement?

Should I Stick With Netezza or Use Another Data Warehouse Solution? 

If you’ve been using the Netezza database for your business’s big data needs, you may feel hesitant to switch over to another provider’s platform. Some questions businesses need to be asking themselves are: What platform should you migrate your workload to? Does the platform solve your needs now and in the future to enable next-gen innovation? Does the new platform come with migration support? And, could the new platform benefit other workloads? Migration, whether it be to the new Netezza platform, a Netezza replacement, or another solution is going to be an investment of time and energy for your organization. However, this presents you with an opportunity to switch to a solution that may be more tailored to your business needs.

Ask yourself this: Does Netezza really offer the most cost-effective, high-performance data warehouse that your business requires? Is there something else out there that I can turn to for the same type of support while benefiting from a service that offers more? Since the heyday of Netezza, new technologies have emerged pioneering innovative compute and storage architectures to maximize the hardware of today at lower price points than the legacy tools now retiring. For example, the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse was engineered to deliver next-generation analytics, providing a highly-efficient, scalable, and feature-rich data warehousing alternative.

Support Your Business’s Hyperscale Data Needs With Ocient

The Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse (OHDW) is a high-performance data warehouse platform built for modern enterprises. It is a use-case-driven solution with better storage, a smaller footprint, and rapid, continuous analysis on complex data sets.

Ocient’s customer solutions engagement process offers the ideal model for enterprises looking to re-platform. The model includes options to pre-pilot at no cost and re-platform in a pilot with low risk, enabling enterprises to get to production in only a few months. Unlike some other replacement options, Ocient bypasses the need for ETL tooling, allowing users to load all types of structured and semi-structured data across Avro, Parquet, JSON, as well as mainframe data with transformation and streaming tools built in. The OHDW is a stellar Netezza replacement that helps you do more at a fraction of the cost.

The OHDW also offers numerous features you won’t find on Netezza, such as fully-managed service capabilities, multiple cloud deployment environments (public and private), and full support as you navigate your new platform. While the migration process is similar to moving data and workloads to a new Netezza form factor, customers will benefit from working with highly-skilled individuals at Ocient who are dedicated to making the transition process seamless, and ensuring you get the full support your business needs every step of the way.

If you’ve been looking for an alternative that offers more features and full support both during the migration process and after you’ve established yourself on the platform, Ocient is an excellent Netezza replacement to migrate to for your big data support needs.

Migrate to Ocient From Netezza Now

While Netezza may not be fully retired, the reality is that businesses will still have to undergo a migration process to continue to leverage IBM’s Netezza platform. This shift over to a new environment grants businesses like yours an opportunity to consider whether or not Netezza is the best solution, and if you should put that same effort into migrating over to a Netezza replacement like Ocient, which can deliver equal or better performance at up to 80% less cost.

With the end-of-support deadline for current Netezza solutions only a year away, now’s the perfect time to take the opportunity to migrate to a platform that supports your needs like the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse. Are you ready to make the switch and discover how Ocient can give your business the tools it needs to make the most out of its hyperscale data? Contact us today to learn more about replacing Netezza, or to schedule a demo with our team of hyperscale data experts.