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In 2016 our team of industry veterans began building a hyperscale data warehouse to tackle large, complex workloads.

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Published April 15, 2022

Welcome to the New

By Jenna Boller, Director of Marketing at Ocient

If you’ve been following Ocient at any point over the past six years, you may have noticed we look a little bit different today than we did just a few months ago. We have a new logo, new color palette, a completely new brand identity, and a new website.

But that’s not all that’s changed about Ocient.

For the past six years, we have been diligently building our product from the ground up, recruiting highly experienced team members who are experts in hyperscale data analysis, storage, mainframes, machine learning, and more, and engineering next-generation data analytics solutions for customers that are enabling them to deliver new products and services, and unlock new revenue streams.

What started as a research project to prove we could achieve unheard of performance at petabyte scale is now a hyperscale data warehouse fueling groundbreaking innovation for our customers.

And while it’s been remarkable to see our technology deliver 10 to 50 times, and sometimes up to 100 times, the performance of competitive and legacy solutions, what’s been really gratifying is watching customers light up when they see what Ocient can do for them, their workloads, and their organizations.

That light is the spark that drives Ocient.

We’ve spent more than half a decade tackling extremely difficult challenges like pioneering a completely new data storage and analysis architecture, engineering a hyperscale ETL service, developing the only data warehouse or database that delivers enterprise-grade reliability without replication, supporting a diverse set of multidimensional, semi-structured, and geospatial data types, and building a future forward platform at a price point that typically enables customers to save 50-80% on costs over their previous solutions.

We don’t stop there.

At Ocient, we are extremely proud of the next-generation technology we’ve developed, but we know that’s not enough to change the world. Even though we enable customers to drastically reduce costs while analyzing more data faster than ever, they are often less worried about cost and more concerned about talent. With the volume of data in the world growing at exponential rates, the demand to analyze that data is growing faster than ever. And the bigger the data analysis system required, the more complex, challenging, and risky architecting a new solution from scratch can be.

That’s where Ocient becomes more than just a hyperscale data warehouse company. We provide next-generation technology alongside an expert team with a proven track record of building ultra-large data storage and analysis systems, from databases and data warehouses to mainframes and super computers. That’s really the level of expertise required to engineer “never been done before” data analytics solutions at hyperscale. We leverage our highly performant hyperscale data warehouse as the technical foundation and tailor it to a customer’s use case and business requirements. We aren’t just a software company. We are a hyperscale data analytics solutions company.

As we’ve grown our bank of solutions, including our reference architectures, our industry vertical and horizontal use case expertise, and more, it’s become clear that we needed to emerge from stealth mode and share more of our brand, our company, our technology, and our solutions story with the world.

So, without saying “hello world,” I’ll say: “Welcome to the new” We are on a mission to fuel customer innovation at hyperscale, unlocking new possibilities trillions of records at time. If that’s what you’re into or looking for, we really want to meet you. Please be in touch.