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Published December 15, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Bill Minarchi

Meet the Director of the Federal Sales Team.

Bill MinarchiBy Ocient Staff

Salespeople serve as frontline ambassadors to the company’s brand. They’re responsible for driving revenue, expanding market reach, building relationships, and providing crucial market insights. In this employee spotlight, we highlight Director of Federal Sales, Bill Minarchi. Bill builds and executes the Ocient Government business plan that introduces Ocient capabilities and value to the US Government and its partners.

Let’s learn more about Bill’s background and see how he fits into his role here at Ocient.

Where are you based and how do you take advantage of our remote first policy

I am based in Leesburg, Virginia which is approximately 45 minutes outside of Washington, D.C. Our remote first policy gives me easier access to our government customers and its partners. Also, I am much more efficient and effective working from my home office versus having to sit in traffic and wasting hours out of my day commuting.

How long have you been with Ocient?

Two years in December!!! 

What’s your go-to comfort food?

Anything Italian – Pizza, Pasta, etc.

Which Ocient core value do you resonate the most with in your daily working life?

I try to incorporate all Ocient’s Core Values daily, but if I had to choose just one, it would be Leadership. I lead from the front by doing sales activities directly with customers and partners while influencing and guiding the Ocient team with strategy, planning, and execution of a sound government program built for growth.

What is one of your proudest career moments while working at Ocient?

Working with an incredible team of Ocient professionals, all focused on managing, progressing, and closing Agencies Blue, Silver and Gold while developing and executing the plan to create awareness, demand, and pipeline. I am proud to be a part of the Ocient team!

What do you find unique about your job?

I love working at Ocient and with its incredible team of professionals. Many of the people that I work with embody Ocient’s Core Values, and they demonstrate that every day. It’s all about the team!

What career advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t get emotional and don’t take things so personally. Stay focused on the goal.

What advice would you give to someone entering the tech industry?

Develop a plan, execute and measure, be flexible to adjust as necessary. Read, study, and understand the solutions that you are selling, and how they can bring value to your customers and partners.

Would you like to give an employee shoutout?

That would be a very long list!! Chris Gladwin, Kumar Abhijeet, our incredible Marketing Team, our incredible Engineering Team, our incredible Product Management Team, Adrian Burke, Tony Ibanez, Sultan Yusufali, Matt Bergman, Peter Ingram…there are many more!! Thank you all for helping us build and drive our government strategy with key wins that will set us up for incredible growth and success.

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