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In 2016 our team of industry veterans began building a hyperscale data warehouse to tackle large, complex workloads.

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Published August 7, 2023

Ocient Rings the NASDAQ Bell: Another Milestone in Building the Future of Hyperscale Data Analytics

By Ocient Staff

Hey mom, look at us! The Ocient team made history on Monday, August 7th, as we rang the bell to open the NASDAQ.

Ocient logo in Times Square on August 7, 2023.


Kumar Abhijeet, Co-Founder and VP of Sales, Shantan Kethireddy, VP of Customer Solutions and Sophie Kane, Associate Director of Marketing stood along the other proud recipients of the 2022 Chicago Innovation Awards to open the NASDAQ Stock Market in New York where more than 3,300 companies are traded publicly on the exchange.

Ocient’s Kumar Abhijeet, Sophie Kane and Shantan Kethireddy at the Nasdaq on August 7, 2023.


With cutting-edge technology and the achievements of working with customers around the world, Ocient has redefined the possibilities of data analysis at hyperscale. Founded in 2016 and just out of stealth mode in 2022, Ocient was born with the vision to empower organizations with the ability to process and derive insights from massive datasets in real-time. Our goal is to break the limitations that conventional database systems face when dealing with the sheer scale of modern data, such as those encountered in telecommunications, adtech, and other industries.

Ocient’s unique Compute Adjacent Storage Architecture enables organizations to run parallel processing of data across multiple nodes, reducing processing time to a fraction of what traditional databases would require. This hyperscale approach ensures that enterprises can make data-driven decisions in real-time, boosting their competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

Over the years, Ocient has grown rapidly, attracting top-tier talent and securing significant funding from investors who have recognized the disruptive potential of the technology.

While these days we are a remote-first workforce, our roots lie in Chicago, which makes ringing the bell this morning as a 2022 Chicago Innovation Award winner even more special.

Chief Product Officer Joe Jablonski speaks at the 2022 Chicago Innovation Awards.


By empowering organizations with unprecedented access to their data and enabling real-time insights, Ocient is fostering a future where data-driven decision-making becomes the norm, transforming industries, and driving progress in untold ways.

As Ocient took the stage to ring the NASDAQ bell, it marks yet another step in our journey from a visionary startup to a trailblazing leader in a competitive field. It’s a testament to the innovation of our platform and expertise, determination, and collaborative spirit of the entire Ocient team and most of all our customers.

Find out more about how Ocient is working with customers and if you’d like to see a demo or learn more, get in touch here.