Published February 16, 2023

How to Reduce ETL and Data Warehousing Costs at Scale

Ocient CEO Chris Gladwin talks with Mike Ferguson, CEO of Intelligent Business Strategies, and Ocient CPO Joe Jablonski on addressing skyrocketing analytics costs and how several vertical industries such as Telecommunications, AdTech, and Government can leverage data at scale for competitive advantage.

As more data becomes available through digital transformation, new data sources, and data marketplaces, companies in almost every industry will likely see major growth in data volumes over the next few years. In order to scale, many companies are being encouraged to move their data to the cloud and exploit a multitude of cloud-based tools to engineer data. However, the cost of data engineering on the cloud has become difficult to quantify. More data, data engineers, ETL pipelines and pipeline dependencies, and siloed data engineering initiatives that use multiple tools with different standards make pricing structures extraordinarily complex. As a result, costs are becoming out of control.

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