Published October 12, 2022

What Happened in Vegas: Ocient at Mobile World Congress 2022

By Ocient Staff

Our team attended Mobile World Congress 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 28-30. While what happens in Vegas normally stays in Vegas, we wanted to share a conversation that our CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Gladwin, had from the showroom floor.

MWC Las Vegas is the GSMA’s flagship event in North America,  showcasing the hottest trends in connectivity and mobile innovation. It is where the ecosystem meets face-to-face to build strong relationships.

Chris explains in the video how Ocient provides solutions to analyze the largest datasets in the world. With the explosion of connectivity from trends like 5G, we have built a Compute Adjacent Architecture for industries like telecommunications with massive sets of data that need to continuous, complex analysis. We are talking about analyzing trillions of rows or petabytes of data.

The key takeaway from Chris is that “hyperscale is different. You can’t just take solutions that were designed in the past, maybe 10 or 15 years ago that were architected in a different world and apply them to today.”

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