Published May 26, 2022

Verified: Ocient’s Commitment to Digital Sustainability

Ocient works with Terrapass on critical carbon emission reduction.

By Ocient Staff

Every day is Earth Day at Ocient and we’re proud to share that we’ve taken a significant step further toward reducing our environmental footprint and balancing our carbon emissions by working with Terrapass, a leader in carbon offset and renewable energy solutions.

Ocient’s carbon offsets facilitated by Terrapass support the following projects:

  • Landfill gas capture: Landfill gas capture projects that turn garbage into power by capturing the methane released by organic waste as it breaks down.
  • Renewable energy: Renewable energy projects that generate clean electricity from renewable sources to displace traditional fossil-fueled energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Forest management: Capturing carbon dioxide (C02) in the trunks, leaves, branches, and roots of trees, to improve forest management to mitigate carbon.

Carbon offsets are an effective way for companies to mitigate and balance their carbon footprint and invest in clean energy projects. For every metric ton (2,205 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent, CO2e) a sustainable project reduces, one carbon offset certificate is created. As part of the process, Ocient calculated our energy use from servers, employee travel and any way a technology like us contributes to the global challenge of climate challenge.

We also recently asked 500 IT leaders about making data strategies more sustainable. Below are some of the key learnings that we hope will inspire others.