Published October 12, 2022

Analyst: Ocient Delivers Ad Hoc Analytics on Hyperscale Workloads

By Ocient Staff

We are proud to serve our growing customer base with hyperscale data solutions. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to Ventana Research Analyst Matt Aslett, who writes:

I recommend that organizations with the most complex analytics workloads consider Ocient and Hyperscale Data Warehouse when evaluating their options.

Here is more analysis from his report:

Most database products can be used for operational or analytic workloads, and the number of use cases for hybrid data processing is growing. However, a general-purpose database is unlikely to meet the most demanding operational or analytic data platform requirements. Factors including performance, reliability, security and scalability necessitate the use of specialist data platforms. I assert that through 2026, and despite increased demand for hybrid operational and analytic processing, more than three-quarters of data platform use cases will have functional requirements that encourage the use of specialized analytic or operational data platforms. It is for that reason that specialist database providers, including Ocient, continue to emerge with new and innovative approaches targeted at specific data-processing requirements.

Thanks to Matt and Ventana Research for taking notice. There is much more to come and if you’re interested in getting a demo, reach out!