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The Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse

To deliver next-generation data analytics, Ocient completely reimagined data warehouse design to deliver real-time analysis of complex, hyperscale datasets.

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Ocient is uniquely designed for maximum performance and flexibility with always-on analytics, maximizing your hardware, cloud, or data warehouse as a service spend. You get predictable, lower costs (and absolutely zero headaches).

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Customer Solutions and Workload Services

Ocient offers the only solutions development approach that enables customers to try a production-ready solution tailored to their business requirements before investing capital and resources.

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Management Services

Tap into the deep experience of the Ocient Management Services team to set up, manage, and monitor your Ocient solution.

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About Ocient

In 2016 our team of industry veterans began building a hyperscale data warehouse to tackle large, complex workloads.

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US Chief Data Officer Network Event
Leverage Hyperscale Data Analysis
to Stay Ahead

Ocient is eager to engage in insightful discussions and share our expertise in hyperscale data and analytics with Chief Data Officers at The Network Group’s Round Table Event in Newark, NJ.

Employee Spotlight

Meet Your Ocient Expert,
Jack Kurtz

With over 35 years of invaluable expertise in the dynamic world of data and analytics, Jack is a seasoned Account Executive that specializes in building solutions that are designed to tackle your organization’s toughest data analysis challenges. He frequently works with AdTech, Financial Services, and Telecom professionals to deliver next-generation data analytics.

Get The Ultimate Data Analytics Solution for
Your Industry & Use Case

Financial Services
Operational IT
Deliver Campaign Insights at Hyper Speed

Welcome to the future of hyperscale data analytics solutions for AdTech

Analyze massive scale bidder log data, impressions, audience, and contextual data. Leverage our hyperscale, modern data warehouse for faster campaign insights, interactive planning tools, bidder optimization, and audience building at massive scale.

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Bring Hyperscale Data Innovation to the Public Sector

Harness trillions of data points and react within seconds

Unlock more intelligence, streamline and consolidate data silos, modernize your IT stack, and drive better outcomes for citizens. Scale your hyperscale data analytics solutions to a global level to drive better insights and outcomes from massive datasets.

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Accelerate Data-Driven Innovation in the Era of 5G

Drive digital transformation across trillions of customer touch points

Analyze network metadata, geospatial data, and data generated by sensors and IoT-enabled devices at volumes and speeds previously unattainable from a data analytics solutions provider. Unlock new customer opportunities and comply with federal regulations or guidelines at a fundamentally lower cost.

Analyze Growing Geospatial Datasets in Near Real Time

Fuel new insights and innovation with geospatial data

Leverage complex, multidimensional data from millions of connected vehicles, devices, and objects in motion to power more personalized experiences, enhance product development, manage logistics, improve emergency response, and more. 

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Deliver New Products and Services Faster

Unleash the power of full-resolution insights on hyperscale data

Quickly get insightful analytics about behaviors, trends, and opportunities from petabytes or even exabytes of data. Launch new products faster and speed time to profitability unmatched by any other data analytics solution provider.

Modernize Your IT Infrastructure and Deliver Immediate ROI

Consolidate more workloads on a single platform while enhancing operational insights at scale

Leverage full resolution insights for the enterprise and unlock more value for a growing set of business users, powered by our modern data warehouse.

Ocient operational IT

Book a Meeting with Jack

We look forward to seeing you at the Chief Data Officer Networking Event in Newark. If you would like to book a meeting outside of the scheduled pairings on-site, simply fill out the form, and Jack will be in-touch to find a time that works.

Whether this is your first time meeting with a member from the Ocient team or your scheduled twenty five minutes just isn’t long enough, Jack would be happy to show you a first-hand look at our groundbreaking solutions and discuss a use case that fits your needs.

Book some time with Jack to learn how Ocient can help your organization cut data analytics costs by up to 80%, improve performance by 10x-100x, and analyze 20x-50x more data overall.