Published February 10, 2022

Next Generation Campaign Forecasting for AdTech

The Technical and Business Case for Campaign Forecasting on Raw Bidder Log Data with Ocient

What's Inside?

Intended for technical leaders at AdTech and MarTech companies looking to gain a competitive edge by processing and analyzing hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of data in seconds, this paper presents the technical and business case for Ocient's next-generation campaign forecasting solution leveraging raw bidder log data.

Read about common approaches to this hyperscale data challenge and see how Ocient's unparalleled price-performance enables Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to deliver new suites of campaign forecasting capabilities that were previously infeasible to deploy.

In this paper, we discuss: The challenges and tradeoffs with complex pre-aggregation and estimating pipelines currently used to tackle campaign forecasting How full resolution SQL analytics revolutionizes the data stack for large scale data applications

Why Ocient delivers unbeatable performance for a log analytics application like Campaign Forecasting at a game changing price point