Published January 26, 2022

How Disrupting the Data Storage Industry Paved the Way for Chris Gladwin’s Entry Into Data Analytics

The Exit Podcast

The Exit—Presented By Flippa: A 30-minute podcast featuring expert entrepreneurs who have been there and done it. The Exit talks to operators who have bought and sold a business.

In this episode of the Exit Podcast, Chris Gladwin, the Co-Founder and CEO of Ocient discusses his multiple successful exits, including the sale of Cleversafe, a data storage and distribution company. With plenty of venture backed partners, Chris helped to raise over $100 million to grow the company. His hard work would pay off when the company sold for over $1 billion to IBM. His other two exits were for Cruise Technologies, a dominant developer of Wireless Thin Clients, and MusicNow, the world’s first music subscription service. Always on the cutting edge, Chris shares with us how he started, grew, and sold each company.