Published June 24, 2021

Chris Gladwin On Selling His Business To IBM For $1.3B And Raising $65 Million To Analyze Data Sets

Dear Maker's Podcast

Ocient CEO Chris Gladwin is a true business builder. It is his craft. He has launched four startups, including one which raised $100M and sold for over $1B to IBM. At Ocient, Chris has raised more than $65M from top-tier investors like OCA Ventures, Greycroft, In-Q-Tel, PSP Capital Partners, Gaingels, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Northwestern University.

In this podcast episode, Chris joins Dealmakers podcast host Alejandro Cremades to discuss:

  • Ocient and how it is tackling massive amounts of data
  • Scaling yourself as a leader
  • Managing your time as a founding CEO
  • How much better your solution needs to be to succeed

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