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In 2016 our team of industry veterans began building a hyperscale data warehouse to tackle large, complex workloads.

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Published August 12, 2020

Ocient Partners with Tableau to Power Business Intelligence for the World’s Largest Datasets

One of Just Six Software Companies with New Connectors Featured in Tableau’s Extension Gallery

CHICAGOAugust 12, 2020 – Ocient, a Data Analytics Solutions (DAS) company with a new relational database for the world’s largest datasets, announced today that it is now a Tableau technology partner and one of just six software companies featured in the initial launch of Connectors in the Tableau Extension Gallery.

The Ocient Connector integrates Ocient’s database with Tableau’s best-in-class visual analytics platform, speeding deployment of powerful analytics solutions for massive datasets. By aligning with Tableau’s compatibility and security guidelines and review protocols, customers can expect an optimized and secure connection to Ocient when visualizing their data in Tableau.

“Being accepted to the Tableau Connector Gallery after such a vigorous vetting process is an important validation of our relational database software, which provides rapid query response times regardless of the amount of data,” said Chris Gladwin, Ocient co-founder and CEO. “This gives any organization struggling with massive datasets confidence that they can quickly get up and running with Ocient technology.”

Ocient aims to transform how organizations analyze immense amounts of data with unmatched price/performance levels. The Ocient DAS can hold quadrillions of rows of data, ingress billions of rows per second, and filter and compute trillions of rows per second. Deployed on industry-standard hardware or the cloud, it is built for organizations where NoSQL databases and Hadoop fall short.

“We are excited to have Ocient as an inaugural Connector in the Tableau Extension Gallery, as it gives customers another method to seamlessly connect to their data directly from Tableau,” said Brian Matsubara, RVP of Global Technology Alliances at Tableau. “The introduction of new Connectors like Ocient’s expands the capabilities of the Tableau platform and makes it even easier for customers to quickly and easily uncover insights in any data.”

By fundamentally rethinking database architecture, Ocient has achieved performance levels that are orders of magnitude better than competing solutions, while running on modern commodity hardware utilizing massively parallel processing on large core-count systems. Performance metrics include:

  • Benchmarks 10 to 1,000 times faster than “high-performance” alternatives like Presto.
  • 1,000 times faster than leading MPP, NoSQL and Hadoop-based databases.

“Ocient is setting the new price/performance standard for running analytics on the world’s largest datasets,” added Gladwin. “But more than just being technologically superior, our DAS needs to be easily accessible. Tableau’s partnership and participation in launching a gallery for the Connectors involves true integration with the world’s best business intelligence platform and goes a long way to making that happen.”


About Ocient
Ocient is building database and analytics software and services to enable rapid analysis of the world’s largest datasets. To learn more about Ocient, please visit

Media Contact: Kumar Abhijeet,