Published March 31, 2022

How Basis Technologies Harnesses Hyperscale AdTech Datasets with Ocient


With 30 billion auction records, over 100 billion rows in the system, and over 5 trillion data points in some columns, Basis Technologies wanted to increase the data resolution of its campaign forecasting and inventory analysis offerings but found it too expensive to scale within its current solution.


Basis Technologies selected Ocient to consolidate 10 workloads on a single platform and increase the amount of data stored and analyzed while decreasing time to query from 24 hours to minutes or less and cutting costs by 30%.


Join Ocient CEO, Chris Gladwin, along with Distinguished Engineer, Jason Arnold, and Senior Director of Sales Engineering and Solutions Architecture, Shantan Kethireddy, as they discuss Ocient’s hyperscale data analytics solution to this challenging use case with Michael Freiman, CTO at Basis Technologies.

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