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In 2016 our team of industry veterans began building a hyperscale data warehouse to tackle large, complex workloads.

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Published January 13, 2023

Seeing All, Knowing All: What Does Ocient Mean?

Analyzing all your data, all the time.

Ocient pronounciation

By Ocient Staff

As Ocient builds hyperscale data solutions, we’re inspired to enable superpowers for our customers. If there is one superpower that we want to enable, it is continuous, complex analysis of large amounts of data—the sizes of data that just years ago seemed like science fiction.

It’s a superpower that almost every modern industry may soon need. When asked how fast the volume of data managed by their organization will grow over the next 1-5 years, 97% of respondents answered “fast” to “very fast,” with 72% of C-level executives expecting the volume to grow “very fast”.

Since first beginning as a research project in 2016 and coming out of stealth mode in 2023, Ocient has set out to help solve this problem for enterprises across the globe and as we continue to build, it’s this mission that drives us which all starts with our name. A common question we have heard is: “Where does the word ‘Ocient’ come from and what does it mean?”

Ocient means “seeing all, knowing all.” It’s derived from the same root word as “omniscient.” The word omniscient combines two Latin roots: omni-, meaning “all” or “universally,” and the verb scire, meaning “to know.” You will recognize omni- as the prefix that tells all in such words as omnivorous (“eating all” or, in actual use, “eating both plants and animals”) and omnipotent (“all-powerful”).

As for the pronunciation, we have found that people may mispronounce the “c” in Ocient as the “c” is pronounced in “ocean”. Despite their seemingly similar spellings, the “c” in Ocient is an /s/ sound like the “c” in “city”, making the exact pronunciation [oh-see-ent]. It’s an ambitious name for an ambitious team focused on analyzing the world’s largest datasets.

It’s this ambition that fuels our everyday work and our data solutions are underpinned by six core values that embody what we stand for as individuals and as a collective:

  • Leadership– Having the vision to anticipate and prepare for future directions as we set an example that motivates others
  • Inclusive & Collaborative– Recognizing the value in people independent of their social grouping while valuing the collective achievements of our team
  • Craft-Driven– Leveraging industry-leading experts in our areas of specialty that are delivering the best and brightest solutions for our customers, partners, and colleagues
  • Customer-Focused– Relentlessly pursuing customer success, even when great effort is required
  • Efficiently Effective– Focusing on delivering outsized results self-sufficiently
  • Trustworthy & Ethical– Abiding to ethical business practices by operating with integrity, honesty, and transparency

These core values uphold our mission to create, advance, sell, and support the leading high-performance data platform the world uses to analyze its hyperscale data sets. This also further drives our vision of a world in which people and enterprises realize significant value by analyzing the data around them, without limits on performance, scale, or cost efficiency.

We’re a passionate group of innovators with deep experience in massive data management systems and a collective drive to help our customers solve their most complex data problems.

If you’re in need of a hyperscale data analytics solution on a platform that delivers, contact us today about our pilot to production solutions.