Published June 22, 2022

Live from Athens!: Ocient at the Amdocs Partner Summit

How 5G ecosystems are forming & why partnerships will play a vital role.

Thanks to our partners at Amdocs who held their annual Partner Summit in Athens, Greece today.

Ocient’s CEO Chris Gladwin joined a lively discussion to talk about why partnerships will play a critical role to innovation with the gamechanging connectivity of 5G.

A picture of 5G panel at Amdocs Summit in Athens, Greece

We’re designing Ocient on the principle that 5G will fuel new capabilities for hyperscale data analytics, particularly within the telecom industry.

During the panel we heard that digital transformation spending could top $6.8 trillion dollars by 2023, and that 181 ZB of data is expected to be created by 2025. Chris Gladwin said, “Data is the future of economic activity. What it means to telecommunications companies and network companies is that there is a need to analyze data at a scale beyond what was possible. In turn, for their customers, the scale in which they are going to be analyzing data is going to increase 10x-100x. Traditionally the options telcos had, couldn’t address this need.”

Ocient solved for that, we built a platform at the request of many of the largest telcos in the world, we built this platform where you can analyze data at hyperscale and 5G scale, and did it in a way that was economically possible and cost efficient.

The panel was brought together by our partners at the 5G Open Innovation Lab. You can learn more about the Lab from it’s founder Jim Brizimitsis who joined our podcast, “Big Bytes with Ocient” to discuss how data has become the new oil.