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Published January 3, 2023

Fighting Crime with Hyperscale Data Analysis: Overcoming Challenges of Lawful Intercept Architecture

By Ocient Staff

Lawful interception, or LI, is the process used by telecommunications companies to provide digital investigation tools that help legally authorized agencies catch criminals through selective examination of suspects’ communications. In efforts to create a safer world, this digital collection of evidence by law enforcement agencies (LEAs) is analyzed and used to help combat criminal and terrorist activities around the globe. Lawful intercept architecture is the structure behind gathering this intelligence from telecommunications. 


There are many challenges for LEAs when it comes to collecting data. Communications cover a broad spectrum, from social media to VoIP (voice over Internet protocol). We also have to consider email and messaging services provided by a myriad of companies in multiple countries using different languages. With the explosion of data, fighting crime has become more difficult. And with the constant evolution of new devices, protocols and microservices, capturing and managing data for analysis requires a solution that can change and adapt as the situation demands.  

Specialized Software 

Specialized software is needed to be able to parse data from telecom, VoIP, TCP/IP, video, file transfers, data downloads, pictures and various other protocols that are used for communications. One of the biggest problems with analyzing this data is complex encryption and privacy tools. In order to be successful, lawful interception solutions providers must stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies and stay well ahead of the competition. 

Understanding the lawful intercept architecture gives LEAs the ability to implement successful strategies for collecting data. With the introduction of 5G, more and more data is being transmitted across different networks at higher speeds and from multiple locations. Technology use will continue to increase, requiring LEAs to prepare and design new strategies that can help combat crime using these new technologies.  

Big Data 

The sheer amount of data being created at any given time is staggering. This massive amount of data needs to be analyzed and monitored in order to find a single targeted individual. Big data is making it difficult for LEAs to do their job effectively. Lawful intercept architecture now requires tools that can meet the challenge of analyzing big data to stay ahead of criminals and crime. These tools are changing the way policing agencies fight criminal activity. Criminal activity is no longer just a brick-and-mortar problem. Criminals and terrorists have moved to the Internet where they are able to conduct activities hidden beneath a stream of data. Having the ability to analyze big data quickly is essential for timely identification and resolution of criminal activity. 


LEAs are held to a high standard when it comes to collecting, storing, and analyzing data. There are compliance issues and access issues that vary across state, local, and national authorities. Every country has a unique approach when it comes to LI, and LEAs must follow these rules carefully to avoid compromising a criminal investigation. Consequently, lawful interception solution providers must be diligent to stay on top of LI compliance specifications, such as the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). Similarly, lawful intercept architecture must be able to quickly adapt to changing legislation in order to maintain compliance. 


As both data and technology continue to expand, LEAs depend on technology providers to help them maximize their crime-fighting efforts. One such provider is SS8 – an expert in global Lawful Intelligence gathering and monitoring. Network intelligence providers like SS8 must partner with a solutions provider that can meet the demands of traffic monitoring and analysis.  

Any solution must be extremely fast, capable, and reliable. One such solution is the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse™ (OHDW), which is designed for challenges such as these. With a proven track record and technology driving today’s innovation, Ocient’s hyperscale data solutions can be scaled to meet the needs of LI by analyzing petabytes of data in real-time. Ocient’s infrastructure scales with the growth of data and is 10 to 100 times faster at identifying changes in patterns. Ocient provides near real-time visualization of active communication, allowing for faster identification of changes and trends. Speed is essential for LEAs to fight crime and stop criminal activity in its tracks. Ocient can provide a lawful intercept architecture solution that is unprecedented in speed and scale. 


There are many challenges facing LEAs when it comes to lawful interception. Having a framework and uniformly designed lawful interception solution can help reduce costs and enhance interoperability for lawful intercept architecture processing and data monitoring. 

Ocient and SS8 have the ability to work faster and smarter at identifying threats and addressing technology limitations. Together, Ocient and SS8 can provide the speed and lawful intercept architecture that LEAs need to be effective and successful. 

Ocient’s data analytics solution enables organizations to work at hyperscale speed. The tools provided by Ocient help drive innovation and provide performance that is 10 to 50 times faster than alternative solutions. Ocient’s team of data engineers are able to build a customized lawful interception solution from pilot to production. 

If you’re in need of an effective solution on a platform that delivers, contact us today about pilot to production solutions at