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In 2016 our team of industry veterans began building a hyperscale data warehouse to tackle large, complex workloads.

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Published March 9, 2023

Deployment Modality Series: Ocient On Premises 

Our on-premises solutions bring Ocient to customers where they are, so they can simplify and streamline analysis of hyperscale data

By TJ Loughlin, Ocient Senior Product Manager 

One-size-fits-all works for hats, scarves, and ponchos. For data warehouses, not so much. When we designed the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse (OHDW), we knew that some of our customers would be completely committed to cloud computing, while others would be better served with an on-premises deployment. We put in the work from the beginning to make sure that our system runs equally well in the cloud and on premises. And we are committed to giving our customers viable deployment options no matter what their business requirements are.  

Why Offer On Premises? 

Many companies that work with data at hyperscale still house much of their infrastructure in their own data centers. Some are taking phased approaches to cloud migration; others have decided to forego migration altogether. We make our software available for on-premises customers because we want to enable them to tap into the power of Ocient without having to change the way they manage their infrastructure. Our on-premises solutions are intended to bring Ocient to customers where they are, so they can simplify and streamline the unlocking of their hyperscale data with Ocient. Further, all our solutions use industry standard hardware, rather than an appliance model, so that our customers can invest in the hardware that makes the most sense for their businesses. 

High-Performance Hyperscale Computing in Your Data Center 

When customers deploy the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse in their own data centers, they can expect to increase query performance by 10x to 100x, even on massive datasets. They can also retain complete control over not only the software, but the hardware and the data, too. This makes it easy to comply with even the most stringent data privacy regulations.  

Although we love working with our customers to help them optimize their hyperscale data analytics solutions, we understand that external resources aren’t always allowed in on-premises data centers. In some situations, regulations require Ocient to take an entirely hands-off approach: The customer gets a license to use OHDW, uses our installation and validation tools to deploy it on premises, and manages it internally. We also made working with a hyperscale data warehouse easy and familiar by leveraging ANSI SQL for query writing and configuration management. Plus, Ocient supports JDBC and ODBC, so it’s quick and easy to integrate with any BI tool, data processing framework, or visualization tool. 

Expert Support On Your Terms 

Not everyone wants to (or has to) run their own on-premises deployment. For those situations, we created the Ocient Management Services Offering, which allows customers to strike a balance between ease of use and full data control and governance. Management Services works alongside the Ocient Customer Support team, helping ensure that the Ocient system is installed properly, runs well, and is being kept up-to-date safely. We can also install, maintain, and update a remote application monitoring system to make sure the system performs as intended. 

Has the Cloud Got You Down?  

We at Ocient have been intrigued by the many recent reports of organizations scaling back their cloud environments. We’ve seen at least one organization abandon the cloud entirely. The key reason these stories cite? Cost. Keeping data at scale available for complex queries and analysis on a traditional cloud platform gets very expensive, very fast. 

Purchasing and maintaining your own hardware is one path to reining in costs while maximizing data availability, and Ocient On Premises is a great option for organizations that choose that approach. But we’d also like to note that Ocient’s pricing model helps keep cloud costs in check, even on the cloud. We don’t charge for overages, and we don’t penalize you for having a massive, hyperscale dataset. Whether your deployment is on premises or on the cloud, you pay a single, predictable monthly price for your Ocient solution.  

No matter which deployment option fits your organization best, Ocient has you covered. Watch the Ocient Deployment Options at the Whiteboard Video or contact sales to learn more.